What Does Water Damage Do to Homes and Buildings?

What Does Water Damage Do to Homes and Buildings?

Water damage affects your home or office building in different ways based on how the water entered the structure. The construction materials used react to water differently, but in general, you can expect rot, rusted metal, mouldy insulation and drywall, and warped wood. You may not notice rotting wood for a while because of its resiliency; however, damage to drywall and insulation is almost immediate. The musty smell is bad enough, but the problem is bigger than that. You will need to repair and replace these surface materials as soon as possible to eliminate mould spores and prevent the spread.

6 Common Ways Water Damage Impacts Your Home

The main difference in how water impacts a building depends on how it enters the structure. Damage from flooding requires immediate remediation, but a small, continuous leak will cause damage over a longer period of time. Here are six ways that invading water can affect your home or office:

  1. Walls and ceilings become discoloured/ stained and paint will often peel and bubble
  2. Loose or lifted tiles
  3. Building materials warping, swelling, or splitting
  4. Musty smell from damp materials or mould
  5. Increased mould growth resulting in aggravated asthma and allergy symptoms
  6. Higher heating bills from water in the air drawing heat from your walls during the evaporation process

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