When water damage occurs in your Ottawa home, the primary damage will likely show visible signs. For example, you may have soaked furniture or drywall. Paint can bubble and flooring may start to lift. These initial issues must be addressed right away by water damage remediation professionals.

Secondary damages caused by water are less visible but can be more nefarious. In fact, you might say the hidden damage is the worst type as it can affect your health, cause long-term structural damage and greatly impact your finances. Failure to address the underlying destruction adds up in hefty repair and remodel bills, and may affect your family’s health. Here are the secondary water damages your home may experience:

  • Mold Growth: Mold grows fast. In as little as 72 hours, spores propagate and expand their territory. Black mold can make you and your family ill or exacerbate existing health issues.
  • Rusted and Corroded Metal: Pipes and/or framing made of metal/steel will rust or corrode. The structure of the material is then affected and can disintegrate if left unchecked.
  • Rotted Wood and Drywall: Rotting is similar to corroding. If your wooden floor joists are not properly dried out, they can rot, leading to a weakened floor or worse. Wet drywall is a breeding ground for mold because mold spores like a moist environment.
  • Buckling Floorboards and Other Material Damage: If water is allowed to stay on surfaces for too long, your hardwood or laminate flooring may buckle and lose its form. With a quick response and the right drying equipment, your hardwood floors may be salvaged. Unfortunately, with laminate flooring there is no way to return the material to its original state and you will have to replace it.

Avoid the devastation of secondary water damage by seeking the services of the qualified professionals at Go Pro Restoration Inc. Get fast water damage restoration so you can go back to your normal life and everyday routine.