What Are the Most Common Causes of Water Damage in Homes and Offices?

Common Causes of Water Damage

No one wants to wake up one morning to a watery mess in their basement, kitchen, or bathroom. Nor does anyone anticipate their office floors to be sopping wet from a flood. Yet, this happens, and when it does, it is imperative to assess the situation and restore things quickly in an effort to mitigate potential mould growth and limit the extent of the damage. Not only can mould cause respiratory problems for occupants, but it can also further weaken the integrity of your structure.

13 Common Causes of Water Damage

Do not let these common causes of water damage ruin your home or office:

  1. Burst pipes
  2. Leaking Pipe or Drain
  3. Dishwasher/Fridge/Washing Machine Leak
  4. Ice Dam
  5. Overflowed Sink/Bathtub/Toilet
  6. Clogged Drains
  7. Sewer Drain Back-up
  8. Storm Drain Back-up
  9. Sump Pump Failure
  10. Foundation Leak
  11. Roof Leak
  12. Window Leak
  13. Chimney Leak

There is much you can do to prevent many of the common causes of water damage. For example, keeping on top of maintenance of appliances can prevent water leaks. Regular clearing of gutters removes the debris that can cause water to back up and helps prevent ice dams in the winter. Sometimes hair or food particles clog drains and prevent water from going down. This can cause your sinks and bathtubs to overflow and the damage can be extensive if not caught quickly

Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services from Go Pro Restoration

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