While there are different categories of water – Category 1 (clean), Category 2 (grey), and Category 3 (black) – that can wreak havoc on your house, the damage is also categorized into classes to aid in the proper remediation techniques.

Water damage in your Ottawa home will be classified in one of four classes depending on the amount of damage, its severity, and the ability of the damaged materials to evaporate moisture. The higher the number the more damage incurred:

Class 1: This is the least severe and easiest to remediate because it affects less than 5 percent of the floor, wall and ceiling. In this case, the water absorption rate is slow and affects materials that it can permeate easily but have a high rate of evaporation. You will see materials like plywood damaged but it can be salvaged after it is dried out. Generally, you can expect some light repair work.

Class 2: Moving up the scale where the water absorption and evaporation load are higher, a Class 2 will cause damage to a larger area of your house, with damage to anywhere between 5 to 40 percent of the space. If class 1 damage is not dealt with in a timely manner, it may become a class 2. If left untreated, lasting damage may be the result.

Class 3: Next is the saturation of floors, walls, and ceilings covering a combined space of more than 40 percent. The source of water generally comes from overhead or seeping from the foundation. It may happen from a localized flood and you need to call for professional flood damage repair in your Ottawa home.

Class 4: Finally, you may have saturation that runs deep into your concrete, hardwood, brick, stone, ground soil, plaster, and crawl spaces. It can be very difficult to remove moisture from these wet materials and can take longer to correct.

For fast and thorough water damage restoration of your Ottawa home, contact the team at Go Pro Restoration Inc. We offer fast response times to mitigate the extent of damage to your property and get your house back to normal quickly.