Free Estimates Online, 24×7 Emergency Services, Expert Tips, and More

Ottawa, September 17, 2020… Go Pro Restoration Inc. has announced the launch of its new website /. The site aims to inform and educate prospective clients about the leading Ottawa restoration company’s services as well as provide useful information and expert tips about various types of damage, preventative measures, and restoration techniques. Water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mould and asbestos removal are among their top services helping Ottawa homes and businesses make a swift recovery when disaster strikes.  

Serving both residential and commercial customers in Ottawa and the surrounding region, Go Pro Restoration Inc. offers a host of services broadly covering 6 main categories: Property Damage Restoration, Mould and Asbestos Removal, Renovation, Foundation Repair, Roofing Installation and Repair, and Interior and Exterior Painting. The company’s crews are staffed by fully trained and certified technicians who are up to date on the latest industry standards and techniques and certified through regular courses and hands-on skills training.     

Customers vouch for Go Pro Restoration Inc.’s commitment to quality and customer service as well as the quick response times when contacted by phone. Now, with the launch of the new website, getting in touch is even faster and easier—just fill out a form online. 24×7 emergency services are available and customers can call the toll-free number at 1-866-964-6776. Free estimates are also offered through an online request form.  

The team at Go Pro Restoration Inc. says, “We are in the business of keeping our customers’ homes and business premises in top shape; whether it’s after water or fire damage that calls for damage restoration or through renovations and makeovers. It was time for our own “house” to receive a solid makeover, and that’s what we have done with this new website. The team at WSI eStrategies in Ottawa worked with us to realize our vision and implement a professional, attractive, and superbly functioning digital marketing presence. We look forward to attracting new customers through our new website and also serving our existing customers better through this online communication channel, providing useful information at their fingertips and free estimates to save them time.”     

About Go Pro Restoration Inc.:

Go Pro Restoration Inc. is a rapidly growing company within the restoration and construction industry, and a recognized leader in home and business restoration in the national capital region of Ottawa. For more information, please contact 613-221-9900 or send an email to: info@goprorestoration.com.